A professional musician since 1989, Javier Pedreira (Madrid 1971) has spent the last two decades combining studio work with live performances, accompanying innumerable artists from the worlds of pop and alternative music (Luz Casal, Mikel Erentxun, Tino di Geraldo, Quique González, Najwa, Bebe, Delaossa, Mariola Membrives…) This constant activity has never stopped him from carrying out his own projects as well, including Latino Diablo and Extraños en el Paraíso. Moreover, his performing experience has served him well as producer (dREIRA), musical director and as a composer of soundtracks (Un sitio donde quedarse, Spanish Pavilion at Floriade 2012…) and music for TV.


As a free improviser, his conception of the guitar’s technique and language has revolutionized an instrument that has been a veritable icon of Iberian identity, accompanying the evolution of Spanish music since the time of the vihuela. In this process, he has collaborated with outstanding musicians from the international scene, including William Parker, Abdul Moimême, John Bisset, Seijiro Murayama, Ernesto Rodrigues, Miguel A. García (ERRA FAGUS), Paloma Carrasco (MOON-DOS) and Wade Matthews (GENMAICHA).




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